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    TSI公司宣布SidePak AM520i个人气溶胶监测仪(本质安全)暂停销售


    TSI公司宣布,SidePak AM520i个人气溶胶监测仪,具有本质安全设计,目前暂停销售,直到TSI公司另行通知。由于此级别的本质安全认证是TSI的新增内容,尽管尽最大努力将相关风险降至最低,但SidePak AM520i显示器尚未获得认证。 TSI将继续寻求认证,并相应提供更新。



    TSI很高兴地报告,标准的SidePak AM520个人气溶胶监测器(具有其新功能集)正在全面生产和运输。它非常受欢迎,并在世界各地的所有市场和地区表现出强烈的需求。

    TSI announces that the SidePak™ AM520i Personal Aerosol Monitor, featuring an intrinsically safe design, is being taken off the market until further notice. As this level of intrinsic safety certification is new to TSI, and despite best efforts to minimize associated risks, the SidePak AM520i Monitor has yet to gain certification. TSI will continue to pursue certification and will provide updates accordingly.

    If you have an existing order that is earmarked to go to a customer, please contact your Regional Sales Manager for details on an exclusive substitute purchase offer that is being made available to these affected customers for a limited time.

    TSI apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    TSI is happy to report that the standard SidePak AM520 Personal Aerosol Monitor (with its new feature set) is in full production and shipping. It is being very well received and showing strong demand across all markets and regions around the world.


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